Due to Covid-19, STL has canceled the Spring 2020 season. The Fall 2020 season will begin in September.

Savannah Tennis League


Spring 2020 Calendar

July 16 - TopDog open for Fall 2020 Season

July 23 - Board Meeting - 9:00 - Bacon Park Conference Room

August 6 - Rosters & New Player Paper Work Due (new player, move down etc.)

August 13 - Pre-Pro Panel Meeting - 9:00 - Bacon Park Conference Room

August 20 - Pro Panel Meeting 9:00 - Savannah Golf Club

August 24 - Grid Set August 27 - Roster editing restricted. (To allow admin to run reports. Captains/Pros may no longer make changes to rosters. Contact level coordinators to make changes).

September 3 - Mandatory Captain's Meeting (Captain/Co-Captain or Team representative must be present). 9:30 am at Savannah Golf Club.

September 10 - 1st Match

September 17 - 2nd Match

September 24 - 3rd Match

October 1 - 4th Match

October 8 - 5th Match

October 13th - Tentative Board Meeting

October 15 - 6th Match

October 22 - 7th Match

October 29 - 8th Match

November 5 - 9th match

November 10 - Board Meeting - Bacon Park Conference - Time TBD

November 12 - 10th Match

November 19 - Luncheon @ Plantation Club @ The Landings

December 1 - End of Season/Wrap meeting

Last update: 06/25/20

Here are some things to remember when playing on hot days…

*HYDRATION lS IMPORTANT!! You need to drink plenty of fluids to hydrate so your body can be regulated to the exposure of heat and humidity. Pros advise that we hydrate well, before match day (previous day & evening).

*BE PREPARED: Some players pack a cooler with extra drinks, electrolytes, and cooling towels to help cool down between changeover games/sets. Some also bring a light snack (i.e., banana, sports bar etc.). Use and reapply sunscreen. Perhaps bring an umbrella with you to have some shade during breaks. You know best what you may need, plan ahead.

*LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!! Symptoms to look out for include…

Cool, moist skin with goose bumps when in the heat

Heavy sweating




Weak, rapid pulse

Low blood pressure upon standing

Muscle cramps



*3rd SET REMINDER: If you split sets, a full 3rd set is required to determine match winner. STL rules allow a 10-minute break between 2nd and 3rd sets only; otherwise, play must be continuous throughout the match as specified in USTA rules. Note that coaching is only permitted during this 10-minute break. Please also use this time to cool down.

If you begin to experience heat exhaustion...stop all activity and rest. Move to a cooler spot and drink plenty of water/sports drinks. Avoid caffeine. Remove hat and shoes to help cool down faster. Have other players seek assistance for you. You may take a medical timeout if you are experiencing medical issues (i.e. injury, illness, heat-related condition or cramping NOT general fatigue or an untreatable condition).

For medical timeouts, STL defers to USTA Rules. See USTA Regulations III.E. and Table 13 for details, but generally, the medical timeout rule consists of evaluation time plus a maximum of 3 minutes of treatment time for a treatable medical condition. The maximum time allowed for evaluation and treatment is 15 minutes.

Here is a link with some more helpful information: https://www.mayoclinic.org/first-aid/first-aid-heat-exhaustion/basics/art-20056651. Review the information provided but do your own research, as well, to prepare yourself. If you have any health questions, seek advice from your medical provider. If you believe there is a safety issue with playing, make the decision that you feel is best for you. If you have to retire, please do so. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance!

Last update: 09/17/18

STL Board & Coordinators

President - Levette Dixon (772) 216-0968

Vice President - Terri Jones (912) 658-3791 teige_j@yahoo.com

Secretary - Stefanie Culbreth (912) 844-1828 swculbreth@yahoo.com

Treasurer - Joni Adams (407) 267-2799 bamajma@gmail.com

Top Dog/Historian - Bernadette Staudt (410) 474-5201 thestaudts@gmail.com or savtnsleague@gmail.com

Luncheon Coordinator - Ashley Cetti (912) 414-9153 ashleycetti@hotmail.com

A1 Coordinator - Terri Jones (912) 658-3791 teige_j@yahoo.com

A2 Coordinator - Tracy Burks (912) 210-0015 tmburks69@hotmail.com

B1 Coordinator - Beth Robinson (912) 312-2384 fesperbeth@aol.com

B2 Coordinator - Louisa Wilson (912) 596-1443 louisawilson@comcast.net

C1 Coordinator - Donna Camacho (912) 663-4727 dcamacho920@gmail.com

C2 Coordinator - Kelly Pendarvis (912) 308-7040 KMPinCHAS@hotmail.com

Past President - Beth Robinson (912) 312-2384 fesperbeth@aol.com

Past President - Darlene Paszamant (908) 295-3491 darlene.paszamant@gmail.com

Last update: 06/19/20

Click on the title below to view the STL Facilities & Pros list.


Last update: 02/14/19

To view and print Savannah Tennis League forms:

Click the document link below


Substitute Player Request Form

1st Season Re-Rate Form

New Team Request Form

Move Down Request & Dual Eligibility Form


Last update: 09/17/18

League Fee: $20 each season per player. Dues are NOT refundable or transferable.

Last update: 01/15/20


In a division with LOD matches, each team will play some teams twice. The LOD points entered in the yellow boxes on the score card on Topdog will be the "best" score (number of slots won) for each team, over the two matches played, up to a maximum of 4 total. A team can only earn additional points in the second LOD match, if they win more slots than they did in the first match.

Example: If Team A wins 3-1 in the first match against Team B, Team A would need to win 4-0 in the second match, in order to earn any additional points. If Team A did win 4-0, in the second match, Team A would earn 1 additional point. If the teams split 2-2 in the first match, at second match a team could only "earn" additional points if they won 3-1 (would earn 1 more point) or 4-0 (would earn 2 more points). If the teams split 2-2 again, in the second match, neither team would receive any additional LOD points and points would be entered as 0-0.

Captains must enter LOD points, in the yellow boxes, each week, regardless of whether they play a team once or twice. For each match, until the LOD 2nd matches, simply enter points reflecting the number of slots won per team, in the yellow boxes. For LOD second matches, use the chart below, or do some simple math based on above example, to figure out the points to enter. Topdog will automatically add the LOD points from first and second matches, to finalize overall points per team and determine the division winner.

Click on link below to see the Luck of Draw Scoring Chart

Luck of Draw Scoring Chart Examples

Last update: 06/19/17

Adding a player after the Captain's Meeting

NEW PLAYER PROFILES or requests to add on level players, which are presented after the Captain's Meeting, should be submitted to your level Coordinator, along with the league registration fee. Please note that submitting the fee and paperwork does not guarantee approval. The Coordinator will forward the registration fee to the STL Treasurer. If there is a time constraint, it is the Captain/Player's responsibility to get the fee to the Treasurer. You may use Venmo to make the payment. Note that players will NOT be added to a team roster until the registration fee is received by the Treasurer. The Coordinator will process player paperwork and once the player is approved, the form will be forwarded to the Topdog Administrator to be entered into the system.

Last update: 07/23/19

If an overwhelming number of Rule Proposals are presented in any one season, the STL President may assemble a Rules Committee to assist the Board.

Last update: 07/16/18


When a set score reaches 6-6, play a 7-point tiebreaker: first to 7 points by 2 points wins "game" and "set."

Points are scored: “zero,” “1,” “2,” “3,” etc.

The Coman tiebreak ensures that players will always serve from the same side.


  • Do not change sides to start the tiebreak because your set score is even at 6-6.

  • Preserve the order of serving since this is the final game of the set – remember which team served first in tie break game.

  • Serve the first point from the deuce court.

  • Change sides after the first point and then every four points (1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, etc.).

  • Each server, after the first server, serves twice starting from the ad court.

  • The tiebreak is considered a single game, so play is continuous and teams do not stop for toweling, water, etc., when changing sides.

  • At the conclusion of the tiebreak, the score for the set is 7-6. The number of games is now odd, so change sides if there will be another set.

  • For the next set, the first server is a member of the team who received first in the tiebreak game.

    To Help You Remember:

  • When Point Score is Even: The point is served from the deuce court.

  • When Point Score is Odd: The point is served from the ad court.

Last update: 07/16/18

Below is the link to use to pull up and print Friend at Court (Rules of Tennis & The Code):

Friend at Court (Handbook of Rules and Regulations)

Last update: 06/19/20


2020 Spring Savannah League

1/2/2020 - 11/19/2020
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2019 Fall Savannah Tennis League

9/12/2019 - 11/17/2019
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2019 Spring Savannah Tennis League

2/21/2019 - 5/8/2019
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2018 Fall Savannah Tennis League

9/6/2018 - 11/12/2018
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2018 Spring Savannah Tennis League

2/22/2018 - 5/7/2018
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Fall Savannah Tennis League

9/7/2017 - 11/9/2017
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Spring Savannah League

2/23/2017 - 5/7/2017
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2016 Savannah Fall League

9/8/2016 - 11/13/2016
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2016 Savannah Spring League

2/25/2016 - 5/10/2016
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2015 Savannah Fall League

9/3/2015 - 11/5/2015
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2015 Savannah Spring League

2/19/2015 - 4/30/2015
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2014 Savannah Fall League

9/4/2014 - 11/13/2014
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2014 Savannah Spring League

2/20/2014 - 5/1/2014
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2013 Savannah Fall League

9/12/2013 - 11/14/2013
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2013 Savannah Spring League

2/21/2013 - 5/2/2013
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2012 Savannah Fall League

9/6/2012 - 11/8/2012
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2012 Savannah Spring League

2/23/2012 - 5/3/2012
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2011 Savannah Fall League

9/8/2011 - 11/10/2011
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2011 Savannah Spring League

2/17/2011 - 4/28/2011
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2010 Savannah Fall League

9/9/2010 - 11/11/2010
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2010 Savannah Spring League

2/18/2010 - 5/6/2010
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2009 Savannah Fall League

9/3/2009 - 11/15/2009
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2009 Savannah Spring League

2/19/2009 - 5/2/2009
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2008 Savannah Fall League

9/4/2008 - 11/15/2008
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2008 Spring League

2/21/2008 - 5/1/2008
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2007 Fall League

8/30/2007 - 11/14/2007
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2007 Spring League

2/22/2007 - 5/10/2007
6 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

Affiliated Clubs and Organizations

Bacon Park Tennis Center

Savannah, GA


Courts 16

Daffin Park Tennis Center

Savannah, GA


Courts 9

Savannah Country Club

Savannah, GA


Courts 6

Savannah Golf Club

Savannah, GA


Courts 8

Savannah Harbor

Savannah, GA


Courts 3

Savannah Quarters

Pooler, GA


Courts 4

Savannah Yacht Club

Savannah, GA


Courts 10

Southbridge Racquet Club

Savannah, GA


Courts 10

The Landings Club

Savannah, GA


Courts 16

Wilmington Island Club

Savannah, GA


Courts 6

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