• On average, 6 players are assigned to each box. However, on occasion, there may be more or less.
  • It is each player's responsibility to arrange matches by contacting the other players within his/her box.
  • New participants in the league will be added to a box of their approximate rating at the discretion of the league organizers. If your playing ability doesn't match the box in which you have been placed, please contact your league administrator and you will be moved to the appropriate box the following month.
  • We will adjust any major inaccuracies regarding rating within a box level.
  • After a player moves up or down their level totals are reset to zero. Their win/loss record for the season are still intact.
  • Generally, at the end of the season, two players will go up to the next box, two players will go down, and one (depending on the number of players in the box) player will stay in the same box. Please note that the addition of new participants may, at times, alter these results.
Points scoring:
  • Winner receives 20 points. A default is worth 15 points.
  • Loser receives as many games as they won.

Winter Men's Doubles Circuit

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